Department of Welding

Department of welding positions advanced welding methods MIG and TIG (Argon Welding & CO2).
The department includes workstations very high standard which include designated welding tables, fixtures enable accurate Dauphine maximum precision and extremely high level of performance.
Welds are made in all kinds of metals: steel, aluminum, steels (including armor steel). Welding is performed by multi-skilled personnel experience, strictly control the quality and meeting customer requirements. Welding department specializes in the following areas: construction steel, aluminum and stainless steel. Welding assemblies defense industry (sub-chassis, pallets for launchers and radar) maritime assemblies, welding sheets (packaging), liquid tanks and pressure vessels.
Certifications are:
AWS D01.1, D01.2, D01.6, D14.1, D17.1
Ministry of Defense, CREA 3030
NDT, penetrating liquid tests (body authorizes "essence").

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Department of Welding
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